EUROCALL Teacher Education SIG Meeting, 2010

The following is a sample of my research contributions to date:

Sept 2017 Attia, M. Supporting Emerging Researchers through Non-Judgmental Communication.  BERA 2017, Brighton, UK
Oct. 2016 Attia, M. Understanding Reflexivity in Light of Dewey’s ‘Trying’ and ‘Undergoing’. Dewey 2016, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Sept. 2016 Attia, M. Researching ‘Reflexivity’ in Africa.. and Letting the Sun Shine in. Early Career Researcher Development Writing Week, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. (5-10 September 2016)
Aug 2016 Al-Masri, N., Frimberger, K., & Attia, M., Imperiale, G. & Fassetta, G. ‘Hope is our Bread and Butter’: Towards a Human Ecological Language Pedagogy in the Context of Siege. BIBAC 2016, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
March 2016 Al-Masri, N., Attia, M., & Frimberger, K., Imperiale, G., Fassetta, G. Teacher Education as a Form of Resistance: Insights from Gaza, Palestine. National Association for Ethnic Studies 44th Annual Meeting, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.
February 2016 Attia, M., Fay, R., Andrews, J., & Holmes, P. Researching Multilingually: Possibilities and Complexities. Postgraduate workshop (AHRC event), London.
October 2015 Attia, M., (on behalf of the AHRC project team) & Phipps, A. Reflecting on the Possibilities and Complexities of Doing Research Multilingually. College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. (26 October 2015)
July 2015 Attia, M., Fay, R., Andrews, J., & Holmes, P. Researching Multilingually: Possibilities and Complexities (presentation and workshop). Jean Monnet Network EUROMEC, Krakow, Poland.
June 2015 Attia, M., Holmes, P., Fay. R., Andrews, J. The Central Role of Education in Relations to ‘Questioning the Means in Light of the Objectives’. CILE 2015 Summer School, Granada, Spain. (31 May – 5 June 2015)
Sept. 2014 Attia, M. Non-judgmental Communication for Researcher Development. Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2014, Manchester, UK.
June 2014 Attia, M., Holmes, P., Fay. R., & Andrews, J. Trajectories of Researching Multilingually: Implications for Researcher Development. The HEA symposium ‘Intercultural and multilingual skills in postgraduate education, research and beyond: Creative approaches for exchange’. Glasgow, UK.
Sept. 2013 Attia, M., Holmes, P., Fay, R., & Andrews, J. Supporting Researcher Creativity in Multilingual Doctoral Research Practice. The European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 2013). Istanbul, Turkey.
March 2013 Attia, M., Holmes, P., Fay, R., & Andrews, J. Reflexivity in Multilingual Research Practice. The ESRC RDI final conference ‘Responding to contemporary multilingual realities, recasting research methodologies’. Birmingham, UK.
July 2012 Attia, M. Collegial Self-Development and ICT (webinar). IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Online Events. (22 July 2012)
March 2012 Attia, M., & Fay, R. An exploration of doctoral students’ reflections on researching multilingually. The AHRC ‘Researching Multilingually’ Seminar. Durham, UK.
Sept. 2011 Attia, M. Reflective practice in research undertaken multilingually (Paper 2 of the colloquium ‘Doing research multilingually: Diverse approaches and representational choices’). BAAL 2011. Bristol, UK.
Sept. 2011 Attia, M. A Window into the Relationship between Teacher Cognition and Technology Use. EUROCALL 2011. Nottingham, UK.
July 2010 Attia, M. Walking the Less Trodden Path: An Account of Bilingual Research Experiences. Doing Research Multilingually: An Exploratory Seminar, School of Education, Durham, UK. (7 July 2010)
May 2010 Attia, M. Situated Teacher Cognition and Technology Integration. EUROCALL Teacher Education SIG Workshop 2010. Lyon, France.
Sept. 2009 Attia, M. Understanding Arabic Language Teachers’ Beliefs about ICT: A Case Study. EUROCALL 2009, Gandia, Spain.
Sept. 2009 Attia, M. The Role of Affect in Insider Research. BERA 2009, Manchester, UK.
Sept. 2008 Attia, M. Researching Arabic Language Teacher Cognition and ICT. EUROCALL 2008, Szekesfehervar, Hungary.
Nov. 2005 Attia, M. Technology: A Piece in the Jigsaw Puzzle of Pedagogy. MESA (Middle East Studies Association) 2005 Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA. (19-22 November 2005)


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