Researcher Development

file4391242861745 copyI am interested in the area of researcher development, and specifically means of helping researchers develop into the professionals they aspire to be. I am currently exploring how coaching and other approaches to non-judgemental communication can be used to offer researchers this space to grow and blossom.

I worked in the area of researcher development (2013-2014), where I was responsible for designing and delivering researcher development training, supporting postgraduate researchers and research staff professional growth, contributing to the formulation of researcher development strategy and planning, evaluation provision, as well as decision making and reporting, and designing sessions for new academics and experienced PhD supervisors.

One aspect of researcher personal and professional development is that of researching multilingually. Specifically, I am interested in how the reflection and articulation of experiences increases  awareness and fosters researcher agency. Such understandings will support them as they engage with this kind of investigation reflexively and methodologically in continuously developing academic environments.

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