Researching Multilingually I

P1010265 copyResearching Multilingually Network Project

( December 2011 – November 2012)

Role: Research Assistant, School of Education, Durham University.

Researching Multilingually was an AHRC-funded network project which explored processes and practices of researching in contexts where more than one language is involved.

Nowadays, research is often a multilingual endeavour. Researchers are required to work in more than one language: in interviewing; interpreting dialogues; translating documents; making ethical choices around language possibilities concerning consent forms; conducting member checks; presenting data; and reporting/publishing. Yet, little information about these multilingual research processes is available, either in the literature, through research methods training programmes, or in policy documents.

Our project, and our developing researcher network, enabled us to showcase examples of good researching mutlilingually praxis, addressing theoretical and methodological choices in research planning, consent, ethical researcher language practices, processes of data generation and collection, analysis, representation, and reporting. The project has generated numerous conference presentations, workshops, seminars, a researcher network, and publications, including a special issue of six articles illustrating “researching mutlilingually” praxis in the International Journal of Applied Linguistics, that was published in December, 2013.

For more information about the  Researching Multilingually project and related activities, or if you would like to join our researcher network, please contact the researchers:

Dr Prue Holmes (PI), Durham University

Dr Richard Fay, The University of Manchester,

Dr Jane Andrews, The University of the West of England,

Dr Mariam Attia, The University of Manchester,

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